About us!

Founded in the fall of 2012, the 17th Black Bears is the longest-running BPSA group in Northern Virginia. Our troop meets in Woodbridge, VA on two evenings a month and one weekend a month for events like hiking, camping, and canoeing.

We camp several times a year and participate in regional campouts and activities with other BPSA groups in Northern Virginia and all over the East Coast.  The children earn proficiency badges and work on community service projects throughout the year.

We have scouts of all age levels of BPSA with Otters (ages 5-7), Timberwolves (ages 8-10), and Pathfinders (ages 11 and up). Adults can scout, too, as Rovers

Our scouts chose our group name of the Black Bears to honor the native animal known for its resourcefulness.  Our neckers are black for the bears with a yellow stripe at the edge, for honey.

Our troop has a mix of boys and girls in all age groups and respects the differences of all people, regardless of religion, race, gender, orientation, or ability.  We welcome those who want a traditional scouting experience.