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Bronze Arrow Training (BAT) is a dedicated weekend of camping, games, and activities for Pathfinders that are ready for the next step of learning the Patrol Method and practicing their Leadership Skills. The BAT program is recommended for Pathfinders that are Second Class and have experience as a Patrol Leader or another leadership position in their Group.

This BAT is open to Pathfinders in all OSG Groups and Lone Scouts. OSG Training staff will select Pathfinders for training based on this application and recommendations from their Scoutmaster or GSM. Rovers who are available to help chaperone the event and guide the Pathfinder Peer Trainers as needed are welcome and required to fill out the form below as well.

This BAT will be held September 16-18, 2022 in Thurmont, Maryland.

This form is expected to be filled out by the Scout. Be sure to select your Section in the question below as that will dynamically update the questions you are asked to answer.

    About you, the Scout!

    Your Pronouns*
    Please indicate which personal pronouns you use.

    Your Section*
    Please indicate which section you are in.

    About your scouting experience!

    What Proficiency Level have you achieved?*

    Select all that you've achieved.

    What leadership position in your troop or patrol do you currently hold or have held in the past?*

    Select all positions you have held.

    Have you attended a BAT previously?

    As you may remember from your previous BAT, Pathfinders who have been to a BAT before are often called on to lead the training activities at camp. Are you interested in being a trainer for this BAT or would you rather be a participant?

    Please help us prepare for your arrival by rating each skill on the scale below. If you feel you don't have much skill in some or all of these areas, don't worry. You'll have a chance to practice while at BAT! We are just asking as a way to "Be Prepared" for all of you at the event. Please be as honest as you can.

    I am not familiar with this. I've done it once or twice but need help and practice. I have basic skills in this area but still need some practice. I have a lot of experiance with this but I may have questions. I can do this 100% on my own and can help or teach others.
    Setting up a tent.
    Cooking with a 2-burner camp stove.
    Cooking with a Dutch oven.
    Basic camp cooking and clean up.
    Square and diagonal lashings.

    How Rovers can help at BAT.

    Rovers attending BAT are asked to participate in a few different ways. The goal of the weekend is for Pathfinders who have previously attended BAT to be the primary scouts facilitating the training and leading their peers through the activities. However, there will be opportunities for Rovers to lead a training session or facilitate an activity.

    Are you available to help and lead training in this way?

    Are there specific skills or activities that you have a background in and would like to volunteer to teach?

    Are you available to help serve as camp support? This would include being a chaperone when needed, running errands off-site if needed, helping manage food and supplies, and any other administrative tasks that may come up.

    Are you your group's GSM?

    Are you your group's Pathfinder Section Leader?

    Contact Information

    Please provide the following contact information for your parent or guardian.

    Emergency Contact Information

    We must have an emergency contact for each person at camp, including the Rovers. This should be someone who can be reached if there is an emergency at camp and the parent/guardian listed above cannot be reached. This person will only be contacted if the parents listed above do not respond and the scout requires emergency medical care or it is over 30 minutes past the expected end of the event and no parent has arrived. In the case of Rovers, a spouse or partner is acceptable so long as they are not also at camp.

    Dietary and Health Needs

    Please provide the following health information about yourself. The goal with this information is to make sure the scout leaders are aware of any conditions or situations in which you may require special attention or awareness. Particularly, please be clear about any food or contact allergies. The scouts will be cooking as a patrol with shared kitchen equipment. We strive to ensure all our scouts have food that is safe and delicious for everyone.

    Select all special food requirements you have?*

    Please specify your additional food requirements here.

    Special Medical Considerations
    Please list any non-dietary, special needs, or accommodations that the scout leaders should be aware of. For instance, are you allergic to bee stings, do you have seizures, etc? Are you taking any medications? This information will be kept confidential. We are asking purely for your own safety.

    Agreements and Waivers

    By submitting this form you are requesting to participate in the Bronze Arrow Training as facilitated by the OSG Training Commissioner and Northeast Region Commissioner. The information you have provided will be reviewed and you may be contacted for clarifications or additional information. Your eligibility to participate is not guaranteed. If you are selected to participate, you will receive further instructions including a waiver that your parent/guardian or, in the case of Rovers, you must sign.

    The fee for this event is $30 per scout and will be payable via PayPal as we get closer to the date of the event. If you wish to request financial assistance, please email us at to do so. We do not want the fee to stop you from taking advantage of this opportunity.