BTC Registration

The 17th Black Bears, in partnership with the 107th Dogwood and the South Region, are hosting a BTC on April 14-16, 2023 at Prince William Forest Park.

Learn how to run an OSG scout group, what meetings should look like for different age levels, and how to do a Grand Howl. Learn about the history of scouting and OSG’s place in that history. Discuss with other leaders complex topics about how to ensure an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, ensure the safety of the children, and build a base of volunteers to help keep your group running.

This event is open to all registered Rovers and prospective members who are in the process of setting up a group or becoming a leader in an existing group. This is an adults-only camping trip and childcare is not provided.

The cost for registration is $55 and covers the site rental and food for the weekend. The registration can be paid to the 17th Black Bears via PayPal. All attendees are responsible for bringing their own personal camping gear (sleeping bag, tent, mess kit, etc). Kitchen gear for cooking and supplies for activities will be provided.