Pathfinders (Ages 11-17)

Be Prepared!

Pathfinders are ages 11 to 17. The Pathfinder program is designed to empower and embolden our scouts, encouraging them to plan and implement their own projects, adventures, service, and skills. Adult leaders do not plan these meetings; they are merely offering supervision, transport, and making connections in the community when needed.

In addition to being role models for the other age groups, Pathfinders often participate in events and projects independently of the larger group. Pathfinders work on a wide array of badges and can earn special awards by demonstrating their leadership skills and self-motivation.

When we go camping, it’s important to make sure you have everything that you need, if you don’t know what to bring click here.

Pathfinder Resources

Click here for the Pathfinder Handbook.

And you can see the full list of new badges for the Pathfinders here.

Uniform and Badge Placement

Pathfinders wear a long-sleeved collared work shirt with a pocket on each side in shades of gray or blue. We like this one from Columbia. Patches are placed on theĀ front and sleevesĀ per the diagram below.